Posted 2 months agoRussian Tortoise

Age: Adult
Gender: Male


Soli is a sweet and interactive boy who enjoys eating his fresh salads! He has an adorable personality that you just won’t want to miss. He is believed to be an adult, full grown, and is a Russian tortoise. This boy was dumped outside in Easter Washington and turned into to our partner shelter. They ensured he arrived safely here so he could get his vet check-up to ensure his health after having been outdoors. Luckily he was given the all clear! This sweet boy is now looking for a home that will cherish him for the rest of his life. Soli will need a proper set up and diet for a Russian tortoise, and loves as much space as you can provide. We will require a set up to be ready for him prior to adoption. His adoption fee is $75. Send in an application for Soli today, he can’t wait to meet you.


  • Friendly Toward Strangers
  • Tolerates being alone
  • Adapts well to apartment living


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