Posted 12 months agoAustralian Shepherd

Age: 3 years
Gender: Male
Size: Medium


Quincy is a big puppy goofball! He is mostly blind and deaf and currently working on adjusting to his disabilities but eager to learn. He loves to be active, has learned to play with toys, loves playing in a big dish of water and has energy for days!
He will need to be on a routine and slowly adjusted to new things while getting used to his new life.
He needs someone experienced and who will continue on his training routines.
Quincy takes a doggy one medication daily for life that he happily eats with a little peanut butter after his morning breakfast.

This boy is looking for a best friend and will follow you around and lay anywhere he can be touching you. He is currently adoptable and looking for the best fit, his adoption fee is $200!
He has no interest in cats, he needs mellow and tolerant other dogs or to be the only pup, he has been around small mellow dogs so long as they don’t snap in his face if he bumps into them on accident. 
Send in an application today! 


  • House trained
  • Easy To Groom
  • Vaccinated
  • Neutered
  • Friendly Toward Strangers
  • Requires high level of exercise


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