Nala — Courtesy post for owner

Posted 1 month agoPit mix

Age: 1.5 years
Gender: Female
Size: Large


Nala is a courtesy cross post for an owner looking for a home – you will apply through the rescue to ensure safe placement and reference/home checks.
From Nala’s mom
“Nala is a Pretty White with Fawn patches Pittie Mix, who is only 15 months old!
She’s had a late start in life but was recently given a fresh beginning with updated vetting, her spay completed this past March and even her first couple of training sessions so she can start to catch up on basic skills and manners!
She still has a ways to go so is looking for a forever home that is experienced and can focus on her needs.
She loves being around other animals but can be too much for some and tries to be bossy. With the right introduction and training she’d likely love a patient playmate who can help show her the ropes. She’s been around small dogs but sometimes forgets her size so is better with no small dogs for now. No small children for the same reason.
She’s super active and would love lots of room to run in a safely enclosed fenced yard to get her energy out. She’s easily motivated for training via treats or a ball, but equally easily distracted by shiny things so trainer says to avoid lasers or other ocd inducing objects. Loves car rides and is a good copilot!
She’s been fine in a crate when you’re away – once home she isn’t satisfied in her crate though and wants out. She’ll also cuddle up at the foot of your bed ❤
Please keep in mind she’s a big girl with a puppy mind set so will need someone who understands she is still learning not to jump on people for attention, but she’s catching on fast that you get more pets if you don’t jump! She’s super smart and can’t wait to meet her future perfect family!
To inquire you may PM and to apply for adoption go to Melt My Heart Rescue and Santuary for application process. There will be an adoption fee to cover vetting and supplies.”


  • House trained
  • Easy To Groom
  • Vaccinated
  • Spayed
  • Requires high level of exercise
  • Needs a house with a garden


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