Honey and Soda

Posted 7 months agochihuahua

Age: 7-10
Gender: Female
Size: Small


This dynamic duo of chihuahuas are searching for the perfect retirement home! We’re looking for the perfect home that has a fenced yard they can zoom in, a soft couch they can sleep on, a loving owner who gives lots of treats, and a tiny soft toy to toss around playfully. These girls want to play and run around but they’ll also be the first to lick your face or curl up in your lap. Soda will even dive into your jacket if you’re wearing one. They don’t mind cats or another small dog, but they will need a home with no large dogs and no small children. 

Soda is active, quick to learn routines, eager to please, and knows how to do the doggy smile! While she will potty outside when regulated she also has a tendency to mark on things when she gets the chance. She is picky about people entering the home, and can often be loud or barky. She does best when asked to go to her crate in another room or covered for privacy until the initial commotion has calmed down when people she doesn’t know come over. She has gotten much better with strangers but will still nip at some men, and any active children if uncomfortable. Soda had a lot of dental work done and other basic vetting updated. 

Honey is a lover of everyone and everything alike. She is bossy to her partner in crime Soda and possessive of her food towards other dogs at times but otherwise has not a care in the world and wants to interact with everyone. She can have incontinence at times so may need to be let out often or have a pad down as well. Honey had a lot of medical needs when entering the rescue and has since had a number of treatments. She is currently medically healthy, but still has some fur growing in on her back and is an aging girl so will need someone who will keep an eye on dental and other normal aging needs. She will also need someone diligent that she does not get fleas as her extreme hair loss and thickening skin were likely from long-term untreated fleas or skin conditions in her prior situation. Honey was treated for her skin condition, has grown fur back on her legs, tail, neck, face and ears and most of her back with continued new growth. She also had her vetting updated, dental work, ear treatments, aging panels done and more. 

Are you looking for a dynamic duo to bring life to your home? They have the biggest personalities, the best cuddles and the most enthusiastic kisses. They must be adopted together and remain as a bonded pair, you’ll often find them curled up in a blanket together or on the couch like a yin and yang puppy pile. These two have been through losing their home, living in a car, and watching their prior owner’s health decline and eventually passing away before coming to the rescue where they were medically fixed up and assisted through the mourning process. They’ve found their zest for life and health again and hope someone understands that sticking together as a bonded pair is of the utmost importance, but they have plenty of room to dedicate both their attentions to their human! 

Send in an application today if you’d like a meet and greet and feel you’re home is just missing a pair of chihuahua girls! The adoption fee for the pair is $500. 


  • Easy To Groom
  • Vaccinated
  • Spayed
  • Tolerates being alone
  • Requires moderate level of exercise

Compatible with:

  • Cats


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