Herb and Alice

Posted 2 months agoParrotlet

Age: Adult
Gender: Not identified
Size: Small


Herb and Alice are two bonded and sweet parrotlets. They are looking for someone who understands that no matter how tiny they seem, they have BIG personalities. These sweethearts adore having lots of space to fly and tons of entertainment. They really enjoy chatting to each other especially when they have people to entertain. Both Herb and Alice love to go nuts during feeding times and have shown interest in people. These two have tons of potential to be absolutely adoring companions.
Their adoption fee for the pair is $100. Their new family will need a nice sized flight cage ready. 
An example of the minimum sized cage requirement: https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/prevue-pet-products-wrought-iron-flight-cage-with-stand-chalk?cm_vc=-10005 

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