Cotton and Smudge

Posted 1 year agoGuinea pig

Age: 1.5 years
Gender: Female
Size: Small


Oh my goodness can you say adorable! Cotton and Smudge are the cutest little ladies. These girls have been getting lots of socializing at their foster home and becoming more and more social every day. They are going to adore a family who wants to interact (just don’t forget their snacks)! These girls are a bonded pair, and are only 1.5 years old so they will be looking for a home together. They have completed their vet check up and are all set for a family to love and dote on them, keep in mind that guinea pigs can often live to be 10 years old, so they would love a family who understands that level of dedication. These girls have already had to lose a couple of families due to extreme hardships so their biggest wish is to never have to lose another family again, they are so thankful they have each other through it all.

These girls will also come with their large C&C style cage and everything you need to get started plus each other, their adoption fee with all their supplies is $75, send in an application!


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