Posted 8 months agoIndian Ringneck

Age: 5 years
Gender: Female
Size: Medium


Chloe is a very pale blue female Indian Ringneck parrot. Chloe needs an experienced owner who is willing to work with her past, which included birds that bullied her and self destructive behavior such as plucking long term. She is no longer plucking but may never grow a large portion of her feathers back and may always have some balding on her wings and a naked body. She is still a strong agile flyer and loves to have free flight time which improves her mental health and is very important to her. She does not seem comfortable being out with other birds and would likely be best as an only bird.

Chloe has an amazing personality and is extremely smart! She is a fast learner, treat motivated to learn tricks and to come to you. She adores people, and loves head pets. She needs an experienced owner who can keep up with her mentally stimulation needs. With daily interaction and no hormonal touching (head pets only!) she is a very sweet and human orientatedd girl who is eager to please and learn new things. Due to her high stimulation needs and continued training we recommend no small children. She loves to announce herself occasionally throughout the day but also loves to talk to her humans and can say many words, her favorite being “Hi Chloe” and “Peek a boo”.

If you’re the right forever home who wants a very strong personal bond with your feathered family member send in an application for Chloe! Adoption Fee: $150.00


  • Requires high level of exercise


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