Boogie and Woogie

Posted 1 month agoParakeet

Age: 5 years
Gender: Female
Size: Small


Boogie and Woogie are about 5 years old, they are both females and have been together their whole life so are searching for a forever home together. They seem very open to the idea of new friends if you already have other parakeets who are also friendly! These girls are not yet hand tame but are confident with hanging out around people and have a long future ahead of them to bond with you and new friends. Their vet check up went well including their beak/nail grooming and they are just waiting for their perfect family now.

They will need an appropriately sized flight cage (budgies need length not just height). The adoption fee for the pair is $50. Please hit the apply button if you’re interested in these ladies!


  • Adapts well to apartment living


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